Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is shopAlly?

shopAlly was created by Jonathan Schwartz, a registered Shopify expert since 2013. Through the dozens of close relationships he has established with merchants, the idea for shopAlly was born.

Merchants don't need a dedicated resource to deal with Shopify "fun". Having an ally available has proven to be incredible valuable to these shop owners.

Why do I need this?

We have come to learn that merchant questions and problems come at unpredictable times. Don't start a new discussion post thread, don't start a new chat. The value we provide is on-demand expert assistance when you need it.

What do you mean by on-demand?

We will be there with expert answers and a plan as soon as possible. In most cases you can expect a response within 4 hours during east coast daylight hours.

As we grow we are working towards reducing those response times even further.

Why is pricing based on my Shopify plan?

As you upgrade your plan, your store includes more and more features and moving parts. It becomes an integral component of your business. As your business grows your Shopify world should still be easy to use and without roadblocks or headaches.

How do we communicate?

Contacting shopAlly begins with an email and, based on the issue you have, could result in a phone call or Zoom meeting to further discuss our answers/plan.

We are also exploring opening a Slack channel for each shop we work with.

Do I get unlimited theme development?

As an issue or idea comes up we will discuss a potential solution. In the case of significantly large new features, additional fees may apply.